10 Baking Fails That Would Make You Want To Quit The Job!

Compare to cooking, baking is a form of Science. Ingredients should be precisely measured and every step needs to be followed just as it is. If you put that bread one minute late in the oven at the wrong temperature, expect a different texture or worst, the bread might not be thoroughly cooked at all. This is the main reason why detailed steps and paramount knowledge are both important in baking.

But since we are living in a highly technological world, baking a sumptuous cookie, even if you don’t have an experience at all, is easy with the help of the internet. Just search online for easy baking recipes, gather the ingredients, follow the steps, then you’re all set ready to go! Sadly, baking is more complicated than it actually is. Just like these 10 baking fails you’re about to see, expectation greatly differs from reality!


1. Dude, your cookie should seriously go to the gym!

2. Want a heart-shaped bacon? Better go circle or square!

3. Another macho-cookie wannabe turned morbidly obese!

4. The color is right, the frosting is correct, but the cake itself is so wrong!

5. I am not sure if your wife will love this…

6. Remember that snowman hates heat! That’s why…

7. Now go ahead and clean that up!

8. I never thought that you could put M&M’s on omelet!

9. Skeleton biscuit turned into super plump Michelin!

10. And these cinnamon rolls made with love, only they got into a fight after baking!

H/T to: guff

I can so relate to these epic baking fails! I’ve wasted tons of dough, chocolate chips, flour, sugar and cornstarch just to come up with that mouthwatering cookie recipe from Pinterest! Buying a bag of chocolate chip cookies is much more convenient and practical than doing it without any success! Maybe I should try cooking instead of baking. 🙂

Are you a successful home baker or a failed one just like them? Hit the comments section below and don’t forget to share this post to your “master baker” wannabe friends!