10 Coffee Filter Uses That Will Definitely Surprise You!

I don’t want instant coffee most especially in the morning. It’s not that I want things to be grandiose but the aroma and taste of perfectly brewed coffee is just so irresistible and right on energizing. Additionally, the smooth creamy taste of brewed coffee makes me so want to finish it even if it’s scolding hot. Thanks to my ever reliable coffee maker, freshly roasted coffee beans and unlimited supply of coffee filters, my daily dose of morning elixir wouldn’t be possible without them.

And since I am a self-confessed coffee addict, I buy coffee filters in volumes. But when someone told me that I can use them in a whole lot of things other than filtering my morning concoction, I quickly search the internet to gather facts. And boy I was so surprised to discover that coffee filters are indeed versatile enough to go beyond my morning coffee. Check out these 10 amazing coffee filter uses that are on the spot genius!


1. It can help fresh produce last longer, use them instead of plastic bags.

2. A damp coffee filter placed over a bowl can help avoid food splatter mess.

3. Use it to store on-the-go coffee so you can enjoy your cup everywhere!

4. Instead of using kitchen strainer, use coffee filters to strain micro seeds.

5. Keep your clothes and drawers fresh. Pack aromatic ingredients inside filters and tie them snugly.

6. You can even use it to remove shoe odors, add a spoonful of baking soda and leave it inside your shoes overnight.

7. To prevent chinaware from scratching and breaking, line each one with a coffee filter.

8. Buy loose tea in bulk and use coffee filters to create your very own tea bags.

9. No more messy hands and dripping popsicles!

10. Use coffee filters to create portable snack holders, this is great for parties and midnight munching.

H/T to: faithtap

Isn’t it amazing that you can repurpose coffee filters to make it useful on other things such as removing odors and keeping chinaware safe? I find these coffee filter uses really helpful specially the 3rd and 6th tip. Do you have other tips in mind using coffee filters? Share it on the comments section below.