10 Crazy Hair Ideas That Your Kids Will Either Hate Or Love!

Kids are naturally playful, they like to get dirty and even funky in front of their playmates. Give them a piece of ice cream and the next thing you know, that piece of sweet dessert is smoothen all over their shirt. Oh kids, they don’t even care how they look in front of other people. So who’s more concern about their physical appearance? No one else but us… PARENTS!

But for these parents, dressing up their cute little ones isn’t all about fancy dresses and superhero costumes. They are more concern about their kid’s hair rather than anything else. How about some groovy iguana right on your child’s morning glory? Or a unicorn-inspired hairdo? Whoa… sounds exciting, well it really is!


1. Out pigtails, cupcake ponytail is the new in!

2. Yeah baby, this one rocks!

3. Colored fishtail + mermaid face = ARIEL HAIRSTYLE!

4. I wonder how she did that Unicorn thing!

5. Beach kiddos, this is for you.

6. He doesn’t look happy dad!

7. This one is a little fussy to make but it’s cute!

8. Twisty hairstyle using pipe cleaners.

9. Is that a rainbow or a basket? Anyway it looks pretty!

10. How about a mini butterfly garden on her head?

Photos from: facebook/craftsdiy

Love them or hate them, these crazy hair ideas are so unique not to mention stunning. Ask your son or daughter what hairstyle he or she loves most and please try to be a good parent, help them do it! Although, that #9 will definitely need some serious expertise! You think this is fun? Share it to your friends!