10 Creatively Genius Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Own!

Not all of us are efficient in the kitchen. Personally, that is my least favorite spot in the house! Admittedly, I can’t cook and I hate cleaning the kitchen! So as to slicing ingredients and preparing breakfast. Swear, kitchen tasks ruins my day! I would rather clean my bedroom than wash dishes or prepare hearty meals.

But when I saw these 10 creatively genius kitchen gadgets, I know things will definitely change. Especially for lazy people just like me, these amazing kitchen tools will not only lend a helping hand but they are seriously very practical to use! I can’t wait to have these clever inventions!


1. No more mess when making cupcakes or even breakfast pancakes!

2. I hate eating pasta because I can’t get the noodles. Luckily, automatic forks like this exist!

3. This all-in-one breakfast maker is just what I need! Anyone please?

4. Now I don’t need to manually steep tea bags, lazy genius huh!

5. To make hotdog slices perfectly even, this tool works like magic!

6. No more egg shells shattering and bits of it going into the mixture…

7. With this accordion-style scissor, no more chopping of herbs using risky knife and board!

8. Why use a separate strainer when you can use the pot lid to drain water?

9. I am so lazy that even stirring my own coffee makes me crazy, thanks to this mug!

10. Getting all those kernels from whole corn isn’t easy, but with this tool it’s effortless!

H/T to: architectureartdesigns

Who ever invented these genius kitchen gadgets, thanks buddy! I couldn’t be any happier! Now I can help my mom and girlfriend do kitchen chores, but they need to buy these tools first. 🙂 What’s your favorite kitchen gadget ever? Share this post and your thoughts on the comments section below.