10 Easy No-Carve Pumpkin Décor Ideas For This Halloween

Although fall has just begun, Halloween is still weeks ahead of us and this gives us enough time to prepare those spooky decors as well as stunningly gorgeous costumes. But what could be more wonderful and appropriate than traditionally carved “jack-o-lantern” pumpkins! Without these huge pumpkins dressed up like witches and sorcerers, the Halloween celebration will never be complete.

However, making jack-o-lanterns can sometimes be daunting. Looking for a huge pumpkin and getting your design ready is easy, but carving these hard-shelled gourds is indeed challenging not to mention very time consuming. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this. No, it’s not about buying ready-made lanterns because that would be a waste of money. We are talking about super easy no-carve pumpkin décor ideas that will certainly make your Halloween party grandiose yet stress-free!


1. Glow in the Dark Pumpkin

Just use colorful glow-in-the-dark paint to make these pumpkins glowing!

2. Stencil Pumpkin

Paint the fruit off-white or yellow then using a Halloween-themed stencil, draw directly on the pumpkin with a black marker.

3. Indoor Pumpkin Decors

For a cozy and subtle Halloween décor, try covering the pumpkin with crochet doilies.

4. Miniature Pumpkins

Use small gourds and display them on top of candle holders. You can paint them if you want to match the current theme of your decors.

5. The Silver Pumpkin

Just use a metallic silver spray paint to make these classy embellishments!

6. Or go Golden…

And if you want to escalate things, why not make it gold! Now that would make any spot look magnificent!

7. Sparkly Jack-o-Lantern

Pain the fruit white and add some rhinestones using a glue stick, that easy!

8. Painted Beauties

This is without a doubt the easiest amongst all…

9. Yarn Covered Pumpkin

Start from the base and slowly work your way up to the stem. Use a small glue to secure the yarn in place.

10. Dressed-up Jack’O

You will need a white pumpkin for this décor and a black stocking with an interesting pattern. Paint the stem black to match the theme!

H/T to: faithtap

Wow, these pumpkin décor ideas are really cool! I love the golden pumpkin and those with doilies on top. Now I don’t need to stab the pumpkin many times just to make a nice Halloween décor that my kids will love. What’s your favorite on the above list? Let us know your thoughts by hitting the comments section below.