10 Facts That Hurts So Bad & Worst Makes You Feel Very Old!

I was born in the 80’s where music and movies are just wonderfully great. Come 90’s, technologies are starting to kick in and by the year 2000’s everything changed significantly. I remember how bulky disc players are and how frustrating it is to rent a newly-released movie tape knowing that is still in the possession of someone. Way back then, everything is a struggle!

But kids these days don’t know the word “struggle”, in fact they were born without difficulties. They don’t know how hard it is to connect to the internet, they don’t know how complicated it is to record a song, and they don’t even know that the Harry Potter cast were once just like them, kids! These funny aging facts hurts me so bad and reading them one by one makes me feel totally old! Geez!


1. Kids nowadays don’t know that NSYNC once ruled the world of music.

2. They don’t even know that the Harry Potter cast once looked like this.

3. For them texting is super easy, but way back then I had to press #7 four times just to type letter S!

4. They don’t know how hard it is to find your favorite music!

5. And that opening “Solitaire” on the PC is this complicated!

6. Or yet, hoping that the internet connection will hit the spot on time!

7. Kids of today don’t even know that recording a song needs to be like this…

8. Lucky them they don’t need to bring music players at school this big!

9. For them, playing is…

10. And that music players should look like this! Small, handy and convenient!

Photos from: buzzfeed

Time flies really fast and these funny aging facts proves it well. Me and my daughter keeps on debating that destiny’s child used to have 4 members and not 3, but she always insist that prod on super bowl with Beyoncé!  Share this to your friends so that the “aging” feeling is mutual. 🙂