10 Hilarious Baby Shower Cakes That Will Make You LOL!

If you’re a parent, there’s nothing more special and joyous than conceiving a cute little angel in this world. The innocent smile, those endearing little eyes, the sweet charming smile; giving life to these sweet cherubs is like winning $$$ lottery, even more actually! Who would have thought that with a simple procreation process, which most of us actually enjoy 🙂 , a new life can be made from it!

As a parent, this momentous event deserves a special celebration. Baby showers are a huge thing right now. Sumptuous foods, get together with friends, exciting gifts, and of course the star of the party which is none other than the cake! But when you see these hilarious baby shower cakes, I am not so sure if you will be excited or miserable. Check these out to know what we’re talking about.


1. Is that an aborted baby? It looks terrible!

2. Are you sure this is for baby shower? That thing looks like my 77-year-old grandpop!

3. Look at those arms and legs? Mom, get ready for some serious delivery!

4. Woman + Cauldron of the Witch + Sperm = A Baby!

5. Baby it’s not yet time to come out, get some sleep because your eyes looks awful!

6. This should be a Dad’s cake… at least his contributions are being recognized!

7. Another sperm-inspired baby cake, I bet he’s the one who paid this!

8. Geez, this one looks creepy! And the cardigan… yeah right!

9. Tell me! How in the world I am going to eat this horrific cake?

10. Although the signage looks cool, the bloody C-section is frightening!

H/T to: guff

These hilarious baby shower cakes, just made my day. Although most if not all of them looks unpleasantly terrible, at least they can bring some sort of happiness on nervous parents 🙂 ! But that #9 and #10 cake, I’ll pass on them big time! I wonder who made these cakes by the way, I want to check their business!  Why don’t you share this funny post to your soon-to-be proud parent friends!