10 Kitchen Hacks Used By Professional Chefs – Revealed!

Try to search “kitchen hacks” on the internet and for sure, you will be bombarded with gazillion of results. Although they are hot and in, not all kitchen tricks posted online are real. Some ideas are hoax, some are useless, while many of them are NOT TRUE! Believe me, I’ve tried many of them and just got disappointed with the results.

To make things different, we’ve collated some of the best kitchen hacks ever available. No, these tips will not teach how to do this and that, they are valuable kitchen guides that are used even by professional chefs and pastry masters all around the globe. This is some serious stuff honey so we’ll better get started.

1. This very handy and accurate volume conversion chart.

2. Think you know eggs that much? See this and think again!

3. For wanna-be bakers, this is your survival tool.

4. How to cook veggies the right way!

5. When baking ingredients are not available, this will come in rescue!

6. Cooking ingredients has its own version as well…

7. Another chart that you need to print!

8. All about fruits and their seasons.

9. To refrigerate or not to refrigerate, this is the answer!

10. Keep foods on your ref always fresh, post this on the freezer door!

Photos from: facebook/craftsdiy

With these remarkable kitchen hacks, no more dry muffins or floppy beans! And asking your roommate should you refrigerate those potatoes or not is now a thing of the past! These tips, tricks, guides or whatever you may want to call them are heaven sent especially for those still learning on the kitchen! Isn’t this amazing? Share this to your mom and expect a sumptuous dinner when you arrive! Sharing it to your friends wouldn’t hurt either!