10 Life Hacks You Need To Start Doing Now – As In NOW!

Life hack articles are without a doubt scattered all across the web. Kitchen hacks, vacation hacks, saving hacks, money hacks, baking hacks, almost all “hacks” can be found online! Heck, there’s even a tutorial on how to literally “hack” a system! While all these supposed-to-be hacks do have their own advantages, not all of them are significantly useful on our everyday lives. Some are helpful but others are plain irrelevant!

But for this famous YouTube guru Grant Thompson, hailed as “The King of Random”, there are life hacks that although simple can yield promising results! From finding a lost phone to perfectly peeling a kiwi fruit, this video you’re about to see even teaches you how to effortlessly keep your tie always in place! Without further ado, here’s it is.


10 Life Hacks That Are Actually Useful!

Video from: YouTube

The first tip which is the instant ad blocker is amazing, tried it and it actually works! Now I don’t need to install crappy ad-blockers that don’t work at all. And that kiwi peeling technique, boy I wasn’t expecting that all I need is a spoon and not a super sharp knife! But that folding plastic bag tip is definitely not for me, I’ll leave that to my wife because I don’t have the patience! 🙂

From the above featured life hacks, what do you like most? Let us know your thoughts on the comments section below and don’t forget to share this amazing tricks to your friends! Let’s help make their lives ten times easier!