10 Microwave Hacks That You Need To Know Right Now!

If there’s one kitchen equipment that I truly love, it would be none other than the microwave. Although it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of full size convection ovens, the microwave has its own share of advantages. It doesn’t generate too much noise and heat when running, it can be used to conveniently reheat foods, you can use it to prepare quick meals, and best of all it is small enough to fit tiny kitchen spaces.

However, how many times did you actually end up ruining a mouthwatering meal by simply using the microwave to reheat it? Soggy pizza anyone? Chewy bread? Hardened pastries? Burnt bacon? Food splashes everywhere? Well, I am guilty to these not-so-wonderful drawbacks of using microwave. But when I saw these 10 microwave hacks, my life completely turned 360 degrees!


1. Fit everything in just one go, use small mugs to elevate bowls or plates.

2. No more soggy pizza and chewy crust! Oh…thank goodness for this trick!

3. For crispy and NOT burnt, oil-dripped bacon, cook it using an upside down bowl.

4. No more cold left and scorching hot right… everything is heated evenly!

5. If you want to soften butter but not melt it, elevate it using a toothpick tripod and when the tripod falls, that’s the time to hit the stop button!

6. Don’t throw that stale bread away, the magic of microwave can revive it!

7. Want some fresh, hairless corn cob? Do this!

8. Make an affordable and healthier popcorn! Remember to use a heavy ceramic plate to safely cover the bowl and prevent corn kernels popping everywhere!

9. Rock sugar no more!

10. And for easy microwave cleaning, simply heat a cup of water and vinegar concoction for a few minutes then the steam it creates will make wiping much easier.

H/T to: guff

Wow, these microwave hacks are simply fantastic! Can you imagine that there are a whole lot of different things you can do with your microwave. Have you tried any of these tips before? Hit the comments section below and don’t forget to share this to your friends!