10 Minor Inconveniences That Irritates Us Super Big Time!

Things of today are really changing. From compact home appliances to highly-modernized cellular phones, living on this era is certainly more practical and convenient than living 25 years ago. If from before you have to somewhere else just to enjoy your favorite music without disturbing others, the invention of earbuds makes music listening more of a private, personalized thing. If you need to carry tons of documents, just get yourself a reliable USB drive and effortlessly carry your files wherever you go without the bulk of papers and folders!

But even if things of today are much more practical and expedient, we can’t deny the fact that minor inconveniences of the everyday life still makes us frantically crazy! I’m 100% sure that you can relate with these 10 small but terrible daily inconveniences because I myself is a self-proclaimed victim of that #8!


1. Self-checkout machines that finicky read labels!

2. Missing the trashcan even if it’s so close!

3. Argh… damned these uncooperative bed sheets!

4. Trying to unknot tangled earbuds…

5. Forgetting the next letter or symbol of your password!

6. Jotting down important notes on your class when suddenly your pen becomes… INKLESS!

7. Cords getting stuck on Gangnam chairs and you’re unable to move!

8. Worst… dropping a spoon in your soup!

9. People who don’t know how to properly use toilet papers!

10. Inserting USB drives in the wrong manner!

H/T to: guff

Although these minor inconveniences are pretty negligible, meaning it will not cause any major harm, injury, death or something, they are still irritating! Dealing with these daily fails is a real pain in the as*! Hello knotted earbuds and fishing out a spoon dunk in a hot bowl of soup! Are you a victim of these everyday inconveniences? I bet you and your friends are so share this with them!