10 of the Most Expensive Laptops in the World

Most of the people right now are choosing laptops over the good old desktop computers. Apart from its portability, laptops are very flexible when it comes to fashion and has the potential to make its user look fabulous. The devices itself can be adorned with beads, made-to-order or be matched with a magnificent accessory.

So if you think that your thousand bucks can get you a fancy, state-of-the-art laptop, we suggest for you to hold that thought and think again. The world is big enough to house some incredible and jaw-dropping devices that you haven’t seen yet. Maybe some of those devices are laptops which boast many features or a breath-taking design that could launch a thousand techies and fashionistas.

Ready yourself for the upcoming list of the world’s most expensive laptops.


10. Lenovo ThinkPad W540

This is the laptop that engineers would love. Apart from its cutting edge design, this Lenovo laptop model brings you an award-winning ThinkPad ergonomic keyboard. It is spill-proof, lightweight and has a high resolution display.

Price: $2,300



9. Acer Ferrari 1100

This laptop is absolutely a head turner. The flashy design includes the Ferrari Insignia, jet black body with glossy gray accents with ultra-light carbon fiber chassis. Someone who owns a Ferrari must have this on his wishlist.

Price: $3300



8. Alienware Area51 and Rock Xtreme SL8

We have a tie between two dreamy gaming laptops.

The impressive design of Alienware Area 51 is perfect for someone who has an outer space collection. It is also present in the wishlist of gamers from all over the world. The latest version has a 1TB hard drive and 1GB graphics memory with Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT in dual SLI configuration.

On the other hand, Rock Xtreme SL8 packs a strong punch with 8GB of RAM and a Core 2 Quad Extreme processor. It also has a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT video card with 1GB memory promising the best gaming experience.

Price: $3,600



7. Dell Mobile Precision M6800

This high-end laptop is top notch when it comes to security options. It also offers extreme processing capabilities to produce spectacular graphics.

Price: $3,800



6. Stealth MacBook Pro by Colorware

This limited 15-inch MacBook Pro was released with matte black finish and custom matte screen. While Macbook Pro devices are being carried around by many, there are only 10 Stealth models around the globe.

Price: $6,000



5. VoodooEnvy 171

This 17-inch Hewlett Packard model is way too far from an ordinary laptop. It has a 4GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor, dual 250GB hard drives, 1900×1200 high resolution display and twin Nvidia Quadro FX Go 2500M graphics chipsets. VoodooEnvy 171 is completely pimped out making it perfect for designers and engineers.

Price: $6,800



4. Ego for Bentley

This hand-bag shaped laptop is more like a fashion accessory than a computing device. It contains ordinary laptop features but a fabulous design that symbolizes wealth.

Price: $20,000



3. MacBook Pro 24Karat Gold

Anything that’scovered with authentic gold will be extremely expensive. Also, anything that’s limited and personalized will make it even more expensive.

Price: $30,000



2. Tulip E-go Diamond

Like the Ego for Bently, Tulip E-go Diamond was made for vanity purposes only. Its 160GB hard drive and 2GB RAM may not impress you that much. But if your purpose is to separate yourself from the mortals and make a lot of heads turn, this is perfect for you.

Price: $350,000



1. Luvaglio

This is a made-to-order laptop from a team of expert designers and craftsmen. One of the gossiped features of this laptop is that it is the first self-cleaning notebook in the market. Apart from this, it boasts a 128GB Solid State Drive, Blu-Ray and built-in USB support. What makes this more even expensive? It’s all about the 17″ LED wide screen with reflective glare, the white gold parts, rare diamond that acts as a power button, rare jewels and stones accents.

Price: $1,000,000