10 Of The Scariest Highway To Hell Roads From The World!

Roads are invented to give us a very convenient way to travel from point A to point B. Without a doubt, it was one of the most innovative and perhaps the best practical invention that man has ever created. Through roads, we can travel from different cities as well as countries (with connecting routes of course) with such ease as well as convenience. These concrete highways makes every place in this world more accessible than ever.

However even if roads are dubbed to be helpful, not every highway in this whole wide world are safe to pass by.  Some roads are created to defy what has been set by Mother Nature as boundaries. As a result, these infrastructures are lurking in the middle of safeness and death. Would you dare travel on a road that has been sculpted in the sides of the mountain? Or in a road constructed right at the middle of the sea?

Me, I’ll pass on these super scary and without a doubt most dangerous roads found all across the globe. From the Himalayan road to the infamous north Yungas “death road”, these highways to hell are really giving me goosebumps!


10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Video from: YouTube

Geez, these roads are truthfully frightening! Imagine that by committing a single mistake like turning in a wrong corner or stepping the gas way too much, you might end up landing in the fields of hell. Even experienced drivers would find these most dangerous roads like a pending doom of death, what more to newbie and impatient drivers!

I wouldn’t dare visit these highways to hell even if there’s a picturesque haven waiting at the end. Watching this video makes me sick especially that bus who went tumbling down on the north Yungas road in the Amazon! Share this to your friends and let them know that driving carefully is very important, especially on roads like these!