10 Parenting Tips Every New Or Old Parents Should Learn!

Parenting is such a difficult and challenging responsibility to deal with. Even experienced parents can sometimes feel clueless when it comes to raising their children, what more with new moms and dads! Raising your kid is one big guessing game, sometimes you know the answer but most of the time you don’t.

You can talk to your friends, read books or even attend parenting classes just to boost up your knowledge and make everything safe for your cute little ones. Though, nothing can be more helpful than learning tried and tested tricks on how to raise your children. These 10 awesome parenting tips you’re about to discover is a good start so make sure to check them out.


1. Use a hot glue to prevent toddlers from slipping or falling. Just put some on the bottom of your baby’s shoes and slippers.

2. Make customize temporary tattoos with your baby’s name and contact number in case they get lost.

3. Ditch expensive door stoppers, cut open a pool noodle and it serves the same purpose.

4. Freeze pacifiers in milk or water to relieve sore gums as well as teething problems.

5. Make bath time happy and safe! Put your baby inside a laundry basket to keep their toys and him secure in one place.

6. Store art supplies in an empty DVD case, it makes cleaning easy and neat too!

7. Don’t drill holes on your expensive wooden handrail, use extra-large zip ties instead to attach baby fences.

8. If he doesn’t want to go shoe shopping, trace his feet to ensure proper sizing.

9. Use inexpensive shoe caddy to neatly organize car toys, this is helpful especially for long road travels.

10. Keep on forgetting your kid’s medicine schedule? Write it directly on the bottle together with the dosage and length of treatment.

H/T to: faithtap

Isn’t these parenting tips marvelous? Who would have thought that an empty laundry basket can keep your child safe when bathing? And that hot glue gun shoe trick, I never knew it was possible! Let’s make raising kids very easy, share these tips and tricks to your friends.