10 Pie Crust Ideas That Are So Unique Yet Amazingly Genius!

Pies are so sumptuously delicious. They are the comfort go-to of every food lover. Apple pie, banana pie, pumpkin pie, Shepard’s pie… as long as there is a pie in it we love it! Remember the pie crust recipe that grandma taught you; the butter, egg, milk and flour combination? It’s outdated!

In today’s peculiar world, pie crust can be made out from extraordinary ingredients. I know this sounds so bizarre but these 10 very unique pie crust ideas will make you drool like crazy! That #8 makes me want to binge eat like it’s my last meal!

1. Frito Pie Crust

Got some cheese, ground beef, onions and chili? Use Frito as a crust for an epic snack!

2. Bacon Crust

For a winning mac & cheese, use bacon as the bottom shell.

3. Cheerio Crust

This American cereal is right on tasty, but yummier when turned into a fruit-filled pie!

4. Brownie Crust

The brownie crust made this peanut butter cheesecake more heavenly!

5. Chocolate & Butter Crust

How about some chocolate & butter for crust? Hello calories!

6. Tortilla-turned Crust

Stuff blueberry pie filling in a deep fried tortilla for a unique yet salivating dessert.

7. Squash Crust

For dieters, this one is for you!

8. Meat Crust

For carnivorous peeps out there you wouldn’t say no to this pie made from meat crust!

9. Cheez-it Crust

Crush it, pack it well, put some glazed apples… WINNER!

10. The Cinnamon Roll Crust

And this decadent cinnamon roll crusted sweet potato pie.

Photos from buzzfeed, dudefoods & midcenturymenu

Whew! These exceptional pie crust ideas made me crazy hungry right now! I wonder what it looks like to make a pie crust out from mozzarella cheese, boy that would be so messy! What do you think about these unique pie crust ideas?