10 Shocking Super Mario Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know!

I was born on the 80’s and as a growing kid, Nintendo Family Computer used to my best friend. Every day after school, I would always beg my mom to let me play this sweet game even just for couple of hours. And when asked for gifts, I would only accept Nintendo game cartridges. Adventure Island, Castlevania, Pacman, 8-in1, Galaga, Battle City and of course my beloved Super Mario!

Amongst all, Super Mario is my all-time favorite. In fact as a kid I have every version of it from the original Super Mario, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario Advance… literally everything! Oh, I miss those times feeling triumphant for simply defeating “Koopa”! But even if I’m a self-confessed Mario fanatic, these 10 Super Mario facts made me speechless!


1. Before being named as Mario, he used to be called as Jumpman and Ossan. The latter meaning “middle-aged guy” in Japanese.

2. Originally, he was a sinister balding man!

3. Its Mario’s fist hitting the blocks and not his head!

4. Due to limited graphics, in the original Super Mario game the clouds and grass are in the same shape.

5. The character Chain Chomps in Mario 3 is based from the real childhood experience of Shigeru Miyamoto. Being chased by a large dog until he got yanked with his chain.

6. Mario got his name from Mario Segale, the former landlord of the warehouse Nintendo America was renting out.

7. Mario was supposed to be Popeye if it weren’t for licensing issues.

8. In Super Mario 3, there’s an island that is shaped like Japan!

9. Super Mario 2 was a rebranded Doki Doki Panic! It’s the exact game but different main character!

10. The original Super Mario is only 40 KB but packed with 80 exciting and really hard levels!

H/T to: guff

Wow, these Super Mario facts are really awesome! If not for this post, I would never discover these surprising facts about Mario. Beyond poor graphics and lame fighting skills, there’s really more to love about this ever famous and highly acclaimed video game of all time! 🙂 If you have other Super Mario secrets that is worth sharing, spill it out on the comments section below!