10 Surprising Facts About Products I Bet You Didn’t Know!

Each and every day in our lives, we use common products that has become a part of our daily existence. From eating a hearty cereal at home, cleaning our bacteria-infested table using Lysol, ordering a takeout meal from the restaurant, to cleaning our ears after bath using q-tips, indeed there are items we can’t live without.

But if you think you know every bit of information about the most common products that all people in this whole wide world regularly uses, better think again because these 10 surprising facts you’re about to discover will certainly SHOCK you! As in literally, they are straight on unbelievable!


1. This is what happens when you blowtorch a Pepto-Bismol.

2. When ordering takeout meals, check the bottom part of the wrapper.

3. Truth about store-bought wasabi… unveiled!

4. Why Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is always chunky!

5. And how far q-tips should really go…

6. Double stuff Oreos vs original Oreos – compared!

7. Are baby carrots really babies? Hmm…

8. And this jaw dropping and really unbelievable fact about Lysol!

9. Stapler and the unknown “other” setting…

10. The real score between the flavors of froot loops!

H/T to: imgur

Wow, I never knew that Lysol was first marketed as a girl’s freshener! That’s crazy! And that store-bought wasabi disguised behind green-colored horseradish, it’s kinda disappointing but it burns like hell anyway!  These surprising facts left me speechless and without a doubt shocked!

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