10 Surprisingly Awesome Ideas To Recycle Old Car Parts

Although they are not considered to be a necessity, cars can be regarded as something highly important. If from before only the rich can afford those four-wheel wagons, the flexible payment scheme of today made this luxury a dream come true to everyone. Cars are important because we use it as a daily means of transportation. Either from work, home, school, restaurants or bars, it helps us reach point A to point B in no time.

However, cars are not made to last a lifetime. Even a well-maintained ride will definitely come to its end point. Selling it is what most people think of but what if it has a huge significance on your life? Seeing someone else driving your baby is such a painful sight to behold. And for super old cars, nobody wants them! Luckily, you can recycle old car parts and make them new as well as functional in another way. Check out these cool car repurposing ideas.


1. Make a swing from the backseat, just make sure your chains are sturdy!

2. Got tons of old tires? Install a stainless steel basin and you have yourself a sweet lavatory!

3. And from that engine, a cool center table can be made.

4. How about this amazingly cute car-inspired aquarium?

5. An on-the-go pool table wouldn’t hurt either!

6. Now someone is sleeping on the back of the truck! Literally…

7. I wonder how it feels grilling some sausages on your mini copper?!

8. And this Chevrolet turned into a very cool looking bench is awesome!

9. Uhmm… I am not quite sure about this though, but it looks amazing!

10. And for a real luxury, this corner sofa made from a car’s back part is epic!

H/T to: facebook/architecture&design

Who would have thought that even after many years of service, your sweet obsolete ride can still be made fresh and useful! These ideas on how to recycle old car parts only shows that with a bit of creativity and some elbow grease (in this case), you can turn trash into gold! What’s your favorite from the above car repurposing ideas? For me it’s #2 and #8! Hit the comments section below and don’t forget to share this post to your friends!