10 Winning Back An Ex Strategies That Would Never Work!

They always say that love is the most complicated thing in this world, and that there’s no right or wrong when you’re in love. Well, the first one is actually correct because L-O-V-E is many splendored things. You just feel the sudden gush and butterflies in your stomach (I know, I am being too cheezy!). But the second one, oh… forgive me but NO most especially if you want to win back an ex-lover!

Winning back an ex is such a challenging and daunting task to deal with. Regardless of the breakup reason, the pain and damage has already been done. While some can actually win their exes back, talking about perseverance and courage, others are just big failures! If you are trying to win back the heart of your ex, doing these funny love text fails is a big No-No! I just died reading #6; that is one true WTF!


1. Next time, make a big note on your calendar when APRIL comes!

2. Don’t forget to take a number and no cutting in line please!

3. Just look at that face… priceless!

4. I didn’t know that your ex is an alien!

5. Geez… just return that sonicare immediately!

6. Boom! Do you have anything else to explain?

7. Now I know the reason why you guys broke up… it’s the effin’ DVDs!

8. This one is fantastic, just like a line from famous movies! Winner girl!

9. Hmm… I can sense some mistress love affair after the wedding!

10. And this engagement ring versus six years battle!

H/T to: guff

I know that breaking up is very painful and that trying to win an ex back is without a doubt excruciating, but these love text fails are totally hilarious! I can clearly remember those silly days of me trying to win my girl back, and just like them, it’s a total failure! Now can we all move on? I know that you can so relate to this post so hit the comments section below and don’t be shy to share your LOVE/FAILURE experience!