10 Worst Disney Cake Fails I’ve Ever Seen On My Entire Life!

In every birthday party, especially those for kids, the event wouldn’t be complete without blowing of candles. Cakes are made to make them happy. And most of the time, they want their cakes to be Disney-inspired. Princesses for girls and cars or toy story for boys.

As a parent, we only want the best for our kids. Even if it takes a whole lot of work and effort just to make their dream birthday cake come true, it’s fine. But when I saw these cakes, I’m starting to have doubts! Why? Because what you’re about to see are the worst Disney cake fails I’ve ever seen on my entire life!


1. This is Olaf of Frozen, after sunbathing in the Caribbean!

2. I know Minions looks weird but not like this!

3. Mickey Mouse or Elvis Mouse?

4. Hannah Montana… Halloween version!

5. Next time, just order a cake mom and pop…

6. I am not sure if those are Disney towers or D*?

7. Tinker Bell drunk and totally wasted!

8. Buff Bell ready for some wrestling action!

9. Jonas Brothers… are you kidding me?

10. The obese and terribly dis-proportioned Hannah Montana!

H/T to: justsomething

These worst Disney cake fails are a big No-No to any kid’s party, except if you want to scare visitors off! I am not sure with these peeps but buying a ready-made cake is far more convenient and way more accurate than these miserable desserts! Share this to your friends and let this be a warning to DIY fanatic moms and dads out there. 🙂