11 Colorful Fast Food Meals That Will Make You Say WTF!

Nothing can beat a home-cooked meal. But in this highly competitive and super busy world, fast food restaurant is the go-to place of every hungry person. Without them, we’ll starve to death especially peeps who can’t even prepare a simple pasta dish! Always bombarded with nutritional concerns and health issues, still they offer sumptuous meals that is easy on the pockets yet fulfilling on our stomachs.

Cheeseburger, fried chicken, pasta, rice toppings, sandwich… we all love them! The golden brown color of perfectly fried chicken, the oozing yellow goodness of cheeseburger, the delicious ivory-colored al dente pasta; I bet you’re getting hungry right now! I just don’t know if you would still be when you see these 11 colorful fast food favorites that will make you say WTF?! #7 is unbelievable!


1. What a start, bluish-violet chicken… really? I’ll pass on this!

2. This Blackened Cheeseburger is a hit on Burger King Japan!

3. Together let us celebrate the Earth day with this Planetary Burger!

4. Another BK Japan exclusive, the Black Ninja Burger. Looks good though…

5. Burger King Japan don’t want to stop, this time its colorful red and black burgers!

6. How about this soccer-themed hot dog sandwich?

7. Meanwhile in Korea, they want their fried chicken to be both colorful and bizarrely flavored!

8. This time it’s McDonald Japan with their Squid Ink Black Cheeseburgers…

9. Instead of using buns, Mos Burger uses two tomato halves as a substitute giving the meal a bright red color!

10. Would you dare eat this blue curry meal? What? Are people tired of seeing golden yellow curries?

11. For a totally complete colorful meal, Japan’s Kawaii Monster Café has this to offer…

Photos from: trendhunter

It seems that Japan is the King when it comes to colorful fast food meals huh… majority of the above listed unique dishes came from the land of the rising sun! Maybe Japanese are getting tired seeing the same fast food meals again and again, so they decided to add some flare! Do you have any favorites so far? Hit the comments section below.