11 Innovative Home Interior Designs for a Modern Day Living

While some fancy traditional looking homes with big chunky decors, antique embellishments and heavy wood furniture, there are those who opt for contemporary living spaces. In this day and age, everything is changing so rapidly that even our homes needs to be upgraded for a comfortable yet smart living.

So if you’re into cool and very unique looking homes, you’ll definitely salivate over these creative but still functional home improvement ideas. From minimalist accent pieces, multi-functional furniture items to space-saving furnishings, these 11 innovative home interior designs are incredibly marvelous!


1. Invest in a space-saving suspended bed like this and ditch old pull-outs as well as flimsy sofa beds.

2. On the other hand, an all-in-one living cube with bed and storage space combined is equally a nice idea.

3. Modern sinks that can be packed and unpacked is great for bathrooms with micro spaces.

4. The dilemma of having a small bathroom is indeed depressing, but not with walk-in bathtubs like this.

5. For guys and pool fanatics, having this multi-functional dining table is such a dream come true.

6. Add some unique and cool lighting fixtures to lifeless-looking rooms.

7. Hollowed-out reading chairs are IN right now, just like these pieces.

8. Don’t be afraid with glass floors because they can make any space truly outstanding!

9. For budget-conscious home owners, use 3D wall decals to liven up dull walls.

10. Decorate your home with aquariums, but not the ordinary-looking ones…

11. Choose center table with built-in decors like these beautiful stunners.

H/T to: designswan

These innovative home interior designs are not just for young professionals and hip bachelors. Remember that even if you’re a bit old you can still enjoy these state-of-the-art ideas, you just need to tweak some of them based from your needs as well as wants. Share this to your friends and spread the exquisiteness of contemporary living! 🙂