12 Cute Cat Pictures That Proves Organizing Them is Possible

Cats are the cutest thing in this world. Compare to their counterpart and well-loved rival dogs, these two companion animals greatly differ from each other. If dogs are active and always on-the-go, cats on the other hand spends almost ¾ of his day sleeping! Cats are known to be lazy, stubborn, moody, independent and hard headed.

But when you see these 12 cute cat pictures, your perception with them will definitely change. Trust me, I love dogs but when I saw these unbelievable cats, I just had an exchange of hearts! I never thought that there’s such a thing called “cat organization”. Yes, you can stack your four-legged friends on top of each other just like arranging toys and teddy bears. Don’t believe us, see these heart melting photos!


1. How about a triple decker bunk bed for these fur balls?

2. Mom said we need to save space, so we did this!

3. Cats on boxes in display!

4. This is a great idea for those who own multiple cats.

5. Ready, set, go! Pick your bet!

6. For how long do we really need to sit on these buckets dad?

7. Cat in the center… I’m the prettiest girls!

8. Hammock for cats! Genius!

9. Aww… This one is cuteness overload!

10. Is this our beds? This is not comfy!

11. How about a kitten drawer for your office?

12. Cat condo – reservation now open!

Photos from: facebook/craftsdiy

If you think that cats are clumsy, unsystematic and messy form of creatures, better think again because these cute cat pictures proves to us the other side of the coin. Yes they can be tenacious at times, but how can you say no these adorable fur balls! Especially when they do crazy things such as organizing themselves in an unexpected manner, you’ll be like “why in the world you’re so cute”! These cats are so charming they definitely deserve more attention, share this to your friends!