12 Easy & Inexpensive Art Décor Ideas For Artisan Wannabes!

I don’t have the hand of a painter or even a mind of a craftsmen that’s why I always buy decorative things to brighten up my home. Paintings, wall arts, colorful decors… I love everything that is unique and exceptional! But the problem with these art pieces and home accessories is that they cost a lot! One painting can set you back at $200 and even thousands of dollars depending on the artist!

Gladly, I found these very inexpensive and super easy to make art décor ideas that will surely make your house not just a home but a spectacular sanctuary! These ideas are perfect for non-artisan people like me who just don’t have the talent and creativity to make things beautiful. From bold wall designs to 3-dimensional accent pieces, even your kids can make these wonderful decorating ideas! It’s that easy!


1. Art with Beans!

Prepare a trace out design on your canvass and use colored beans to cover the entire pattern.

2. Cut Out Canvass

Choose a design, tuck in a strong fabric and then cut out the patterns to achieve a 3D effect.

3. Wooden Letters Wall Art

Add wooden letters into your wall art to make them look sleek and modern.

4. String Painting

Wrap string around a canvass and then use colored spray paint to cover the entire area.

5. Huge Scrabble Decors

You only need three things for this; square wooden planks, black paint and a paint brush!

6. Cookie Cutter Art

Simply dip cookie cutters into the paint and then stamp it repeatedly on a blank canvass to achieve an abstract effect.

7. Button Wall Art

If you have tons of unused buttons at home, use them to create a stunning décor!

8. Pushpin Accessory

Place it, push it, repeat! What could be simpler than this?!

9. Monogramed Letter

Roll some thick colorful paper and then carefully glue it on your traced pattern…

10. The White Dollies Effect

White dollies are very inexpensive, just paint and stick them randomly to make a beautiful wall art.

11. 3-Dimensional Fabric Art

Cover the Styrofoam with patterned fabrics and stack them on top of each other.

12. Melted Crayons

Arrange the crayons to form a shape and then secure them in place using a glue. With the help of blow dryer, carefully melt the end part until they run down.

H/T to: faithtap

These art décor ideas are without a doubt amazing! Imagine that with just few dollars and a little bit of patience, you can make incredible wall decors quick as well as easy!  I can’t wait to try #3 and #10! But the bean wall art, it will definitely look good on my kitchen! Why don’t you share these fantastic art décor ideas to your friends!