12 Menu Fails That Will Make You Very Hungry & Sick?!

Nothing can be more fun and exciting than travelling abroad. Meeting other people, getting to know their culture and discovering sumptuous meals native to that area. Who can say no to a stir-fried noodles topped with succulent beef and crunchy veggies? If that’s not enough why not pair with a rich and creamy milk tea made right before your very eyes. Argh… I am getting so hungry right now!

However, part of travelling abroad is overcoming language barriers. While it’s easy to check out maps and ask for directions, ordering a food that you don’t know is somewhat challenging. Thankfully, some restaurants have English translation on their menu that make things much easier to comprehend. However, I don’t trust translations that much. Especially when I saw these 12 menu fails that are right on hilarious!


1. What’s your order sir? One whatever please!

2. A delicious reminder to every husband that cheating is no good!

3. Together let’s pray for Wang… He’s a good person…

4. Easy buddy… let’s talk about this!

5. I bet Wikipedia taste so good to be included on these meals!

6. I would never eat that!

7. This is a cheap meal for “me and my family”!

8. I thought I was the only one confused… apparently the pizza is equally muddled!

9. Wow! This is cheaper than a strip bar! I’ll get everything!

10. Real chicken please… I don’t do “fake” ones!

11. Okay… I’ll trust your judgement.

12. Jesus, I will never eat this even if it’s cheap!

H/T to: dose

I don’t know with you but these menu fails makes me very full and still burping… I guess it’s the air due to non-stop laughing! What’s your favorite dish so far? For me that “Wang” thing is epic! Hit the comment section below and don’t forget to share this funny post to your friends!