12 Restaurants In The World With Jaw Dropping Interiors!

When we come by a restaurant, the first thing we always take a look at is the menu. Followed by price, food presentation and then taste. Additionally, we tend to check out the restaurant’s regular patrons and quality of service. While restaurant interior plays a big role on its success, people tend to overlooked it most of the time.

But when you see these 12 amazing restaurant interiors, munching on hearty meals will definitely be a second priority! These upscale food establishments showcases some of the world’s most jaw dropping interiors that will really make you say “FANTASTIC”! Take a break from that succulent dessert and let your eyes feast over these amazing restaurant interiors!


1. This bedazzling Ozone Bar in Hong Kong, China.

2. Blue Frog Lounge located in Mumbai, India.

3. Another one in Mumbai, the Auriga Restaurant.

4. And the Electric Bar in Paris, France.

5. Truly monarch… the Bangalore Restaurant in London, Great Britain.

6. In Hong Kong, China the Ammo Restaurant rocks!

7. Simple and minimalist, this is Café Ki in Tokyo, Japan.

8. What Happens When Restaurant situated in New York, USA.

9. When in Finland, visit the Logomo Café in Turku.

10. Or the Bicycle Bar in Bucharest, Romania.

11. Want something surreal? Try The Jane Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.

12. And this eccentric H.R. Giger Museum Bar in Gruyeres, Switzerland.

Photos from: viralspell

Isn’t these amazing restaurant interiors extremely astounding? I bet owners have invested huge amounts of money and tons of creativity just to build these remarkable food houses! But it’s all worth it! Have you visited one of the above places? Hit the comments section below and share this post to your friends.