12 Surprising Home Improvements You Never Knew Possible

Although costly and most of the time stressful, home renovations are always exciting. Especially if the “before” looks awful and nonetheless boring, turning it into an awesome space is indeed rewarding. From easy DIY home renovations to complex projects that needs contractors, the internet is filled with various tips and tricks that will surely make your house a home sweet home.

But with these 12 surprising home improvements you’re about to see, okay is not the word that best describes them but fantastic! I never knew that by adding simple twists and few alterations, one can make a difference that will certainly blow every one away! Get your home tools ready or better yet call your trusted contractor because these amazing home renovations are simply irresistible!


1. Opt for a fireplace with built-in sitting area.

2. Share a fireplace with one room to another, it looks good and helps save electricity.

3. Create a pull-out kitchen nook for an extra storage space beyond everybody’s eyes.

4. If you don’t want to be disturbed, this is what you need… a secret room!

5. Don’t waste that baseboard space, turn it into an awesome storage!

6. With walk-in showers, there’s no need to make those glass dividers always clean!

7. Need a new place to unwind? Why not install a lounge on your shower area!

8. For party peeps who hates doing the dishes, this will certainly make you happy!

9. Let fresh air in on your kitchen without the screens and grills, add accordion windows.

10. Sleep with the clouds, cheap wallpaper and inexpensive pillowcases will do the trick!

11. Ditch that dustpan, install a vacuum on your baseboard and let it suck all those debris out!

12. To create a space within a space, try lowering your living room area.

H/T to: faithtap

These surprising home improvements are indeed astounding! I love the lounge in the shower area and that pull-out kitchen nook, genius! Although some of these home renovation projects will definitely require funds, there are those that are plain cheap but can really make a difference, just like the cloud room! What’s your favorite from the above list? Hit the comments section below and share these brilliant tips to your friends. 🙂