13 Delectable Waffle Iron Recipes That You Need To Try!

Waffle Iron – this small and almost staple home kitchen appliance is like a piece of history lying around our kitchen. From our grandmother down to our moms, they use this little piece of equipment to make us tasty waffles. Whether it’s for breakfast or snack, waffles are considered to be one of the most popular comfort food all across the globe.

As a kid, I use to pour golden honey syrup on my waffles and devour it like there’s no tomorrow. But growing up, waffles don’t get me super excited anymore. Indeed they become boring and literally uninteresting! But when I saw these 13 waffle iron recipes, it made me feel like a little child again! I never thought that this unadaptable kitchen appliance is actually versatile enough to do tons of recipes other than waffles! Check out these surprisingly luscious meals after the jump!


1. Homemade pizza using waffle iron!

2. Thinking of some French toast, how about this?

3. This waffled churros needs no fattening oil just to make them crispy…

4. Got no oven? No problem, try making this waffle iron cookies.

5. And this quesadilla that made even better!

6. For breakfast, this omelet will surely make you smile. 🙂

7. Grilled cheese? Easy Peasy!

8. Tired of the usual Pretzels? Make them soft and creamy!

9. This Waffled cinnamon rolls is love!

10. Grilling some burgers on your waffle iron is acceptable!

11. Waffled cheese… crispy on the outside; gooey on the inside!

12. Chocolate cake waffle topped with some ice cream is perfection…

13. Or use it to make perfectly golden hash browns.

H/T to: faithtap

This is fantastic! I never knew that my mom’s 10-year-old waffle maker is filled with little secrets that will make me a great chef! I can’t wait to try that #8 and #11? What’s your favorite from the above waffle iron recipes? Try them at home and let us know the results by hitting the comments section below.