13 Funny & Very Hilarious Photos of Animals Tired of Selfies!

Selfie – defined as taking a photograph of one’s self via smartphone or webcam, it is commonly shared through social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Admittedly, this latest craze has taken each and every one of us by storm that even I do have some selfies stored on my smartphone. I usually take selfies when on vacation, with friends, or when I am bored and feeling beautiful!

But when things are getting out of hands, even animals gets totally fed up. Yes, Mimi and Frodo wants to smile in front of the camera but posing for the nth time makes them nonetheless disappointed. Hate it or love it, these hilarious pics of animals tired of selfies will surely make you laugh!


1. Really girl? Again and again?

2. Please… I can’t take this anymore!

3. This is my selfie, not yours!

4. Oh no, there she goes again!

5. Forgive my selfie-narcissistic boss…

6. This is how you smile girl, squint your eyes a bit!

7. You said wacky… that is not wacky you liar!

8. And this cat making fun of her while taking a pic.

9. He kissed me… he kissed me… he really did!

10. Enough of selfies… people just do it with me every single time!

11. Hey B, this is going way too far! Put that camera down!

12. Don’t press that button, not now please!

13. You’re not getting a kiss from me no more, this is the 8th time Margaret!

Photos from: justsomething

See! Even animals gets do tired of taking senseless photos every now and then, how come your not? If your phone’s camera can only speak, I am sure it will be worse than these animals tired of selfies. Share this to your ego-centric friends who post selfies on Facebook every hour and every minute! 🙂