13 Mind-Blowing Interior Design Ideas to a Spectacular Home!

Making your house look and feel like a home is indeed challenging, but turning it into an awesome sanctuary that is truly one of a kind is near to impossible. Sure you can add personal home decors and customized accent pieces to invite some warmth as well as comfort but how about huge statement designs to amaze your visitors?

Well, fear no more because these 13 superb interior design ideas will really make any home not just beautiful but interestingly MAGNIFICENT! While some are grandiose designs with huge funds and detailed installations, there are smaller ideas that when followed correctly will definitely yield very positive results! Here they are…


1. Install a glass floor over water and watch living sea creatures swim all day long.

2. This staircase idea is perfect for small apartments and tiny homes with limited storage spaces.

3. With this Glass River Table, never have a boring conversation once again!

4. Ditch common stained-glass doors and use Pantone swatches instead to achieve this effect.

5. Live green and be green! Moss wall in the bathroom bring outdoors indoors!

6. If you live by the beach, making a unique wall art made from rocks truly ROCKS!

7. Tired of the usual bathroom tiles? Use fiber optics to illuminate the floor creatively!

8. Cosmic wall murals like this produces a flamboyant room design.

9. If you want to be bedazzled and spread glittering lights all around, use Prism Tables.

10. Change ordinary blinds into graphic-filled window rollers.

11. Add some excitement and vibrancy to mundane floors, use colorful rugs like this one.

12. Who wouldn’t want to wash hands on this Ammonite-inspired sink?

13. This rippling liquid illusion wall art is effortlessly stunning!

H/T to: boredpanda

When I saw these interior design ideas… all I can say is wow, just WOW! I’m eyeing on that pantone stained-glass door and glass river table, I think they are doable but can still make a huge impact on my small apartment. What do you love most amongst these brilliant decorating ideas? Hit the comments section below.