13 Photos That Shows The Art Of Laziness – This Is Epic!

Sometimes, we just want to snuggle in bed and stay lying down all day long. There are even times that we don’t want to do dishes for days or even wash clothes for weeks just because we prefer to stream movies online and browse the internet nonstop until we fell asleep. How about drinking straight to the pitcher rather than using glass? Yeah… lazy days and we are all guilty of it!

For some, laziness is the upscale version of convenience. Although, there’s a very thin line separating the two. It’s okay to be lazy after a tiring days’ work, we all deserve some good rest after all. But for these people, being lazy seems to be an addictive routine that they can’t stop doing! I just died seeing the #11!


1. Try doing that on a butter-loaded cheesy popcorn while wearing white hoodies!

2. Now I know why my girlfriend has tons of these shoes.

3. Buddy, earphones are just like $2 a pop!

4. I am guilty of this one.

5. Actually this is genius, nice thinking man!

6. And we are all waiting for an accident to happen.

7. Just adjust it please, it doesn’t take too much energy!

8. Now this is what you call relaxation at its finest.

9. Mom, just be safe alright?

10. I don’t know if his too excited or there’s just too much work that needs to be done.

11. This dad is so sweet, or maybe lazy genius?

12. His laziness actually makes sense to me!

13. What a great way to scroll the village!

Photos from: facebook/architecture&design

Oh… if laziness is just a subject, I’ll bet no one will fail! I actually know what you’re doing right now, lying in bed while browsing your mobile phone? Hear your mom calling you down for dinner! Get your butt ready mate, work it out! Share this to your lazy friends and enjoy the apathy together! 🙂