The 14 Most Fantastic Movie Theaters Worldwide

I love going to movies especially on weekends or when I’m super stressed at work. Rooms packed with excited people, watching the highly anticipated movie of the year, sharing a bowl of popcorn with my date or friends, it’s the best way to spend my hard earned money.

If you think that those big dark rooms are amazing, wait until you see these theaters that take the experience to the next level. They make movie viewing a whole lot different and entirely unimaginable. Below are 14 movie theaters found all over the world that would definitely make you say WOW!


  1. The Olympia Music Hall in France

 personal bed cinema

  1. Disney’s Hollywood Studios Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater

 disney sci fi theater

  1. Bridgeport’s Bijou Theater

 bijou theater

  1. Cineteca De El Matadero in Madrid, Spain

 cinema in madrid spain

  1. The Fox Theater in Detroit Michigan

 fox theater

  1. London’s Hot Tub Cinema

 hot tub cinema

  1. Parisian Theater in Paris

 parisian theater

  1. Macedonia’s Kurshumli An In Skopje

 outdoor movie house

  1. The Orinda Theater, California, USA

 orinda theater

  1. Hungary’s Puskin Art Cinema in Budapest

 puskin art cinema

  1. The Regent Cinema of Brisbane, Australia

 regent cinema

  1. Urania National Film Theatre in Budapest, Hungary

 urania movie house

  1. Notting Hill’s Electric Cinema

 electric cinema

  1. The Arena in Pula, Croatia

arena movie house

Source: BoredPanda


Cinemas has this special vibe, ambiance and excitement that makes movie viewing a whole lot different than watching flicks at home. It contributes to the overall experience and impression of the movie. If you’re seated on one of these cinemas, just imagine how much better a movie would be. If you ask me, I want to book a ticket or even two right now!