14 Funny Asian Translations That Will Make You Go Crazy!

Statement shirts are a big thing right now. They are bold, interesting, beautiful and most of the time attention-grabbing. Whether they depict an old proverb or modern internet slang, these garments with printed statements on them are so popular you can see them being worn on all parts of the world.

Statement t-shirts are fun and indeed exciting. But what if the phrase printed on the garment comes totally wrong and hilariously incorrect? Would you still wear one? I don’t know to you but when I saw these 14 t-shirts with funny Asian translations, I’m ok with plain boring tops!


1. Definitely not for kids…

2. Say what? I couldn’t get it no matter how many times I read it!

3. Everybody… lets CRAP our hands in the air!

4. Seriously I’m getting headaches with these t-shirts…

5. Feel Lin or Feellin? Whatever it’s wrong!

6. Geez… these garments are getting out of control!

7. And these shirts too!

8. That CASIO acronym is stellar! Genius huh?

9. Yes that is terribly WRONG!!!

10. Even on a poem these shirts wouldn’t fit…

11. Next time, just wear plain colored tops!

12. The “epecial” Olympic t-shirt.

13. Do you want some Hamberger from MecDenolds?

14. At least, this boy is honest!

Photos from: justsomething

Sometimes, poorly translated articles and web contents are understandable, especially those that are translated automatically using PC programs. But these shirts with funny Asian translations are just way too much! Can somebody hire them an editor? A good one please! Do you have a shirt with poorly translated statement? Share them and we’ll add that up on the list!