14 Hilarious Cat Pictures that Proves Vet Time is Ain’t No Fun

Contrary to dogs excitement and agility to go out of the house, cats on the other hand doesn’t like to roam around that much. Hey, they are home buddies and they’ll appreciate more if you keep them playing inside the house. But as part of responsible pet ownership, cats do need to go to the vet once in a while. They need to be disease free, healthy and in tip-top condition all year round.

But when you see these hilarious cat pictures, better think a more feasible trick on how to get them to the vet without making fun of them! Oh… when cats and vet visit collides, the end result is so epic. It will really make you laugh so hard! Just wait till you see #10, that one made me laugh all day long!


1. Your eyes are poking sweetie… doctor can still see you.

2. Ninja, you’re too big to hide on that table calendar!

3. Another one hiding on the sink!

4. Dead end buddy, sorry… try to find another escape route.

5. Sure he doesn’t like the vet!

6. Poor kitty… but that hiding trick will not work! Trust me they will still see you!

7. Mom, they will hurt me! Let’s get out of here!

8. When you see him…

9. Another escape artist trying his luck!

10. This one is epic… best of luck on finding her!

11. Dude, how come you forgot your tail?

12. Geez, if not for my eyes I could have escaped!

13. And there goes the master of disguise…

14. No matter what happen, I’m going to stick my face on this box!

Photos from: boredpanda

Poor kitties… even if I wanted to pity them, that face makes me laugh so hard! Isn’t it cute when they try all things in this earth just to hide on something! I wonder why they don’t like going to the vet. Even more facing the doctor! What’s your favorite stealth mode of the above furballs? Hit the comments section below.