14 Super Cute Packaging Ideas You Will Surely Love

Nowadays, it’s hard to shop from the mall or grocery. While some people might see the huge selection of items as something advantageous, I on the other hand sees it somewhat confusing. When picking up a shampoo you need to scan more than 15 different brands! While buying a body bar is no easy with 20+ different labels to choose from. And this doesn’t include the huge selection of various hair accessories, competing vitamin labels, the massive amount of branded meat products, and even the countless supermarket stores present around the town!

If for us consumers this is something good as we can get to choose only the best of the best, companies on the other hand don’t like competitions. To be able to stand out from the rest, they need to throw in consumer gimmicks like buy 1 take 1 deals, limited time discounts, freebies and… insanely unique item packaging? Now this sounds interesting, like these 14 very cute packaging ideas that will make you buy things regardless of brand and price!


1. Who would have thought that hairpins can look this cute!

2. And these notepads with matching outfits…

3. Tea on your cup? Why not make it a butterfly on your mug?

4. Trident gum anyone? Please don’t make her toothless!

5. Another tooth-gapped inspired candy packaging.

6. Don’t fry these eggs because they are not eggs but lightbulbs!

7. Isn’t this so cute?!

8. And this sumptuous cupcake in an oven carton box!

9. What a genius way to present cotton swabs!

10. Bearded rope people…

11. Fish, citrus or honey? They are vitamins!

12. What a huge pencil? Err… towels!

13. Ketchup and lollipop combined as one!

14. And these hair scrunchies that compliments your dress!

H/T to: interiordesiign

Wow, these super unique and very cute packaging ideas are insanely amazing! Kudos to the company for making ordinary things extra ordinary! And for small businesses wanting to increase their sales, this might be the answer! Don’t forget to share this post to your friends!