15 Amazing Wooden Floors You Wish You Have At Home!

In the world of interior design, expensive marble floors and natural granite tiles aren’t the only thing that most people dream of. For many home enthusiasts, owning a house with a delicately crafted wood flooring is the ultimate expression of style. Hard wood floors are luxurious, extravagant, posh, organic and nonetheless exquisite.

However, hard wood floors are not cheap! Depending on the type of the wood, they can fetch anywhere from a couple of bucks to a staggering $$$ per parquet! Yet they can instantly make any house a lavishing sanctuary. Here’s the 15 most amazing wooden floors each and every one of us could only dream of, except if your uber rich!


1. End grain wood flooring with a stunning pattern.

2. And this combination style that speaks utmost extravagance!

3. Though, you can do decoupage on wood flooring to make it look something like this.

4. But this finely designed flooring requires high level of expertise…

5. A basket weave pattern wouldn’t hurt either!

6. How about log slices on your living room or patio? Striking isn’t it!

7. Not for the dizzy eyes but this abstract wood parquet flooring is wonderful!

8. While wood blocks like this dictates a classical yet unconventional appeal…

9. The Chevron-style pallet flooring, simple and very much doable!

10. Want more avant-garde? Try this puzzle-inspired wood flooring!

11. Or this mind-blowing beauty featuring linear design…

12. No, these are not ceramic tiles but end grain pine floors arranged artistically.

13. Stunning, captivating, inventive, modern and BEAUTIFUL!

14. The interlocking wooden floor tiles, simple and timeless.

15. Hip and trendy… perfect for contemporary houses!

Photos from: boredpanda

The beauty of Mother Nature is simply irresistible. For my soon-to-build mansion, I want #12 on my living room and #4 on my bedroom? What’s your favorite wooden floor design? Let us know by hitting the comments section below.