15 DIY Italian Recipes For A No Guilty Heavenly Pleasure!

Italian meals… oh so delizioso and eccezionale! That amazing bowl of freshly cooked tomato-basil pasta, a slice of scrumptious meaty pizza, a cup of freezing gelato, who would say no to these heavenly treats! Even if they are tagged to be too caloric and very heavy, never in my entire life would I say no to Italian dishes!

The cream, the meat, the sauce, the cheese, the oil… while everything seems savory to us, not to our dieter friends and figure-conscious wannabes. For them, eating a bowl of creamy fettucine is like enjoying a timed bomb that will later kill them!  But thanks to genius food bloggers and health-concerned food experimenters, now we can enjoy these meals without the guilt! Here’s the 15 easy DIY Italian recipes that will make you say molto amore!


1. Spaghetti Muffins

2. Meaty Pasta Bites

3. Mini Pasta Pastries

4. Cheesy Desserts

5. Pizza Waffles

6. Pasta Sushi Hybrids

7. Pasta Poppers

8. Pizza Bagels

9. Mini Bacon Pizzas

10. Mini Pizza Muffins

11. Cheesy Pizza Breads

12. Lasagna Cups

13. Cheesy Broccoli

14. Pull Apart Breads

15. Macaroni Rings

Photos from: trendhunter

If you’re wondering how in this world these DIY Italian recipes are much healthier than their traditional counterparts, the secret is in the serving portion. When it comes to dieting, restricting yourself to mouthwatering dishes will only make you crazy! Why not practice portion control so you can eat what you want, while still shedding pounds! Isn’t these dieting tricks amazing? Your thoughts on the comments section below.