15 Funny Disaster Photos that Proves Even 1-Second Matters

We have seen epic failed photos and they are literally posted everywhere online. Buddies falling in the water, floor slips, people hilariously dropping from slides, accidental mess ups… surely in one way or another they make us laugh all the time. Admittedly even if they are some kind of a disaster, capturing that very moment is downright epic.

But did you ever wonder what really happens before that disaster strikes? Well, no more guessing game because these 15 funny disaster photos will feed your curios mind. Remember that in photography, hitting the shutter button one second earlier or late can really make a huge difference!


1. What an early surfer’s wave girls!

2. Just look at the crowd’s reaction… PRICELESS!

3. Slow down and hit the break James!

4. Now this will wet me super-duper big time!

5. Trust me girl… that will seriously hurt!

6. And this dog’s epic reaction catching a treat.

7. Buddy, where are you going?

8. She’s going to fall… can somebody grab her hand please?

9. Now you need a new pair of glasses.

10. Surprising moments should really be documented, just like this!

11. After this, getting a haircut is mandatory.

12. Maybe what you need both is a car not a motorcycle.

13. What a perfect smile and what a stunning moment to capture!

14. Someone needs another cake… PRONTO!

15. Blame it on the snow buddy…

Photos from: justsomething

Now you know why timing in photography is deemed to be crucial huh! The next time you hit the shutter, make sure that everything is settled or else you’ll end up on this hilarious list of funny disaster photos captured just right in time. Do you have the same experience? Hit the comments section below.