15 Funny Neighbors Notes You Don’t Want On Your Doorstep

Neighbors… love them or hate them! Even if you are a social person who loves mingling with other people, there will come a time that you will need that very private moment where you just want everything to be quiet, peaceful, and in order. But sadly, not everyone understands this moment most especially uncooperative neighbors.

Have you ever gone face-to-face with your neighbors? Complaining about noisy music, dog poop all over your place, and worst stolen parcels? You’re not alone. These 15 very funny neighbors notes proves that not everyone in this world are meant to be together. I can surely relate to that #11! I almost did that to my stubborn building mate!


1. If that’s the case… I think the cat needs to be enrolled in the rehab!

2. I can so relate to this girl ranting over dog poop!

3. Impressive letter to thy neighbor huh!

4. Oops, kids cover your ears!

5. And this letter to the maintenance guy…

6. Clearly, he’s not happy with that s***.

7. And a free relationship counseling… wonderful!

8. Yeah, let pigeons do their thing.

9. So where’s the owl ornament? Just return it!

10. I am wondering what kind of demons they are trying to banish…

11. Get it? Your dog barks! And if you still don’t… geez!

12. I just hope this discussion wouldn’t go any further.

13. And this poor jock just trying to shop online for an athletic supporter!

14. This one is so epic… I wonder what she looks like!

15. Aww… this one is a bit hard though… easy buddy!

Photos from: boredpanda

I don’t know to you but any of these 15 funny neighbors notes are not welcome on my door! Oh my, some are even scary and harsh! If I were you, just try to be a good and friendly neighbor alright? Try giving the other door sumptuous dishes and if you’re lucky, you just won yourself a good friend or even a girlfriend! Share this to your friends and for sure, many will relate!