15 New Genius Products You Never Knew Existed Until Today

In this very advance and highly technological world, every day a new stunning product emerges in the market. From finger protected smartphone to energy-saving light bulbs with automatic motion sensors, products of today are getting more and more imaginative. Thanks to the internet and commercial ads, discovering these items spread like wildfire in the forest.

But when I saw these 15 new genius products, I was shocked in awe! I never knew that such items really do exist! I thought they were only concept and faux ideas.  These products are truly exciting and most if not all of them are without a doubt very useful in real life! Just wait and see #14 but that #8 thing is the best!


1. Ultra-Ever Dry Waterproof Coating

This hydrophobic coating when applied correctly will repel water like crazy! It’s a modern day waterproofing agent that works like charm!

2. Lockitron Entryway Lock System

Now you can use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door! Amazing huh, get it at $179!

3. Stiltz Home Lift System

Tired of using the stairs to reach top floors? With this home-type elevator system, no more catching of breath and racing heartbeat! Just a staggering price tag for sure. 🙂

4. Tile Tagging Application

No more losing of wallet, bags, keys and other valuable items!

5. Justick Electro-Adhesive Bulletin Board

With this modern bulletin board, need not to worry about tapes, staples, pins and tacks anymore. It uses electrostatic force to hold papers!

6. Neo-Cover Magnetic Light Switch Cover

Simple yet practical, this magnetic light switch cover is strong enough to hold even a hammer! Get it at $19.99.

7. Remee Dreaming Sleeping Mask

Who needs technology if you can’t use them on everyday living! With this sleeping mask, achieve lucid dreams with such ease!

8. The Kitchen Safe

Spend $39.95 and avoid snack temptations as well as unwanted playtime. Just don’t let mom put your internet router on this timed mini vault!

9. Heated Butter Knife

Who wants a cold, clumpy and freezing butter on their breakfast? Now you don’t have to manually heat the knife just to spread some goodness over your bread!

10. Sugru Magical Play Dough

This pliable rubber allows you to fix and modify anything by simply working on the dough. When Sugru dries and hardens, it is extremely indestructible!

11. 3D Printing Pen

I know that 3D printing is now getting closer to reality but if you can’t wait for that huge machine, this is the closest one you can get!

12. Hook-On Balcony Planters

Be green and live green, this balcony planter functions just like any other flowerpot but with a style.

13. No-Blind Spot Rear-view Mirror

Monitoring adjacent vehicles running on your side is such a challenging and very crucial driving task. Yet for $59.95, you can get this 180 degrees panoramic rear-view mirror for a safer and more efficient joyride.

14. Deglon Stainless Steel Knives

Cut ingredients with a style. These nesting stainless steel knives that comes with a block is a real space saver… but not on your pockets! Price? $892!

15. Senz Storm-proof Umbrella

While this umbrella looks like a thing from the outer space, having the principle of aerodynamics applied on its design makes it sturdy enough to handle 60km/h speed without inverting.

H/T to: buzzfeed

These new genius products are marvelously amazing! What’s your favorite item so far? Your thoughts on the comments section below. Share this to your friends and together let’s celebrate the ingenuity of mankind!