These 15 Outrageous Gadgets Are Insane!

When the latest smartphone could not satiate your luxurious appetite anymore, there are some ridiculously priced gadgets for you. Apart from extravagant designs, these outrageously expensive gadgets also symbolize your status which surely makes you stand out among ordinary people. As a bonus, you might be able to experience weird, useful and out of this world advantages from these gadgets which only a few select people could get.


1. AeroSystem One iPhone Dock/Speaker ($1,200)

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Aerosystem One iPhone Dockspeaker

Will you spend more on a smartphone accessory than the smartphone itself? If you don’t mind, include this tall companion for your iPhone handset on your shopping list.


2. Optimus Maximus Keyboard ($1,500)

Optimus Maxiumus Keyboard 500, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Optimus Maxiumus Keyboard 500

Same question goes with this computer hardware. Optimus Maximus boasts its fully programmable keys which lets you perform a complex function in just one press.


3. Arcade Machine That Doubles as a Beer Keg ($4,000)

Arcade Machine and Beer Keg, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Arcade Machine and Beer Keg

If you love arcade games & beer and you got lots of cash to burn, this collaboration is perfect for guys like you.


4. STAX SR-009 Headphones ($5,360)

Stax Headphones, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Stax Headphones

STAX SR-009 Headphones boasts incredible specs and features. Being the best headphones in the world, it’s just right to be the most expensive… but this much?


5. Panasonic 4K Toughpad Tablet ($6,000)

Panasonic, Panasonic 4k Toughpad Tablet 6000, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Panasonic 4k Toughpad Tablet 6000

There are times when you are so stressed that there’s a tendency of you smashing anything that you could grab. With the Toughpad Tablet from Panasonic, you no longer have to either worry or hesitate. Just let it all out!


6. Ultimate iPad Tower Station ($15,000)

Apple, Ultimate iPad Tower Station, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Ultimate iPad Tower Station

Can an 11-feet iPad Tower Station worth $15,000 protect your $700 ipad? It should.


7. Unmanned Skier-Controlled Tow Boat ($17,000)

Unmanned Skier, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Unmanned Skier

Money can’t buy friendship? Who says you need one if you can ski on your own with this awesome device.


8. Interactive Pool Table ($25,000)

Interactive Pool Table, games, game, gaming, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Interactive Pool Table

Make a billiard game more exciting with this interactive pool table.


9. Dry Water Jet Massager ($29,500)

Dry Water Jet Massager, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Dry Water Jet Massager

This device makes use of water to massage the body. Have a shiatsu massage at home with this relaxing gadget.


10. Personalized Whack-a-Mole Game ($35,000)

Personalized Whack-a-Mole Game, games, gaming, game, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Personalized Whack-a-Mole Game

If you don’t like the style and the feel of the whack-a-mole game in the nearest amusement center, try going for this personalized game cabinet. With this, you can whack all you want the way you want it to be.


11. Hasselblad H4D-60 ($36,000)

Hasselblad, photography, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech


This is not just an SLR camera. It packs 60MP and even more pimped with 40.2 x 53.7mm CCD image sensor.


12. MWE Emporer 200 Workstation PC ($50,000)

MWE Emporer 200 workstation thumb, gaming, games, gamer, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

MWE Emporer 200 workstation thumb

This is the computer workstation that beats other computer workstation. You’ll never want to know how the outside world feels like with this.


13. Stock Car Racing Simulator ($60,000)

Stock Car Racing Simulator, gaming, games, gamer, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Stock Car Racing Simulator

This can be used by film makers to shoot car-racing movies. If you’re not from Hollywood, maybe you can practice on this.


14. Giant Robot Warrior ($1,350,000)

giant robot warrior, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Giant Robot Warrior

If you got millions of dollars in your purse, buy an army of giant robot warriors to make sure that no one can lay a finger on you.


15. Dark Knight Home Theater ($2,000,000)

Dark Knight Home Theater, entertainment, home entertainment, gadgets, expensive gadgets, high-tech

Dark Knight Home Theater

This high-tech theater consists of breath-taking and expensive gadgets. It was built into a 12,000 sq. ft. house in Greenwich, Conn. on 2012. Apart from the 180-inch movie screen and bat-mobile, it has gargoyles and cylindrical-shaped elevators inspired by the movie.