16 Nerdy Kitchen Tools That Looks Weird But Totally Useful

Spatulas, cookware, knives, cutting board, ladles, can opener, measuring cups, etc., who doesn’t have these kitchen accessories at home? Even if you can’t cook a good meal, I bet you have at least one or even three sets of these kitchen gadgets lying around. These tools are without a doubt useful, but their designs… talk about boringness to the nth level!

But when you see these 16 nerdy kitchen tools, you’d never see kitchenware the same way again! The moment I saw them my childhood days instantly came flashing right in front of my eyes! Wait till you see #14, that is one cute and very cool looking kitchen timer! I would love to have all of these unique yet functional accessories, tell me where to buy them!


1. This R2-D2 egg holder…

2. LEGO-inspired cookware anyone? Sweet!

3. How about some Batman cookie cutter?

4. And this super cute bicycle pizza cutter!

5. Like… like… like to this social media oven gloves!

6. Tired of Batman, try these awesome Pacman cookie cutters.

7. This gorgeous galactic knife block looks marvelous!

8. These unique coasters will surely make any wine or juice taste spectacular!

9. Spatulas can never look this cute!

10. Marge… time to wash the dishes!

11. A Game Boy inspired timer…

12. Bottle openers from the universe…

13. Too many cookie cutter designs, but I am not complaining!

14. Another kitchen timer, this time it’s R2-D2!

15. Great job buddies! Don’t let them fall alright!

16. Tech-savvy? This digital wine chiller is for you!

Photos from: trendhunter

Wow, these nerdy kitchen tools are fantastically amazing! Traditional kitchenware made more fun and exciting, I’m sold! I just hope my kids won’t mix these kitchen gadgets on their stash of toys or else I’m dead! What do you think about these cool stuffs? Hit the comments section below and don’t forget to share this to your friends!