17 Unique & Creative Garden Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss!

These days, having an outdoor space is such a luxury. From big spacious gardens to modern veranda-style balconies, nothing is more relaxing than breathing fresh outdoor air from flowering plants and dense green foliage. However, keeping your outdoor space beautiful and interesting is very hard especially if you’re not on the creative side. Planting exotic flowers and miniature greens is nice but they are not exciting!

But lo and behold because these 17 unique and creative garden ideas will surely keep your outdoor space not just lively but intensely exciting! Even more, they are doable DIY garden projects that requires no special skills or expensive equipment.

1. The Brick-Book

Bring in your favorite books outdoors but with a style. All you need is an acrylic paint, permanent markers, paint brushes and Mod Podge to create these beauties!

2. Artistic Broken Pots

If you have broken pots lying around, don’t throw them in the trash! Use broken pots to create herb markers or little succulent gardens.

3. Cork Plant Markers

These cork plant markers looks so elegant and very classy. You can even use highly decorative forks or those with unique designs to make a statement garden marker.

4. Old Toys as New Pots

Unused toys with hollow parts? Recycle them as new pots like this cute truck turned into cactus sanctuary. As they age, a rustic distinctive looking pot is what you’ll have.

5. Garden Critters

Although we don’t want too much of them on our garden, having one of these DIY garden critters wouldn’t hurt. Your kids will surely love these cute lady bugs, turtles and bees.

6. Chic Tin Can Lighting

Who would have thought that tin cans can look this beautiful! Create your personal design and have a custom outdoor lighting that suits your style.

7. Ladder Herb Garden

Make grandma pain-free when watering plants! Turn your old ladder into a charming garden with a purpose. It saves precious outdoor space as well!

8. Rock Fountain

Add some tranquility and Zen-inspired outdoor décor into your garden. These rock fountains can equally liven up boring outdoor spaces.

9. Shoe, Bike or Hat Planters

I am sure you have tons of these in your garage! Old bikes, shoes and hats paired with colorful blossoming plants will make a cute unique-looking planter.

10. Inexpensive Stepping Stones

If you have broken china, smashed vases and squished ceramics at home, you can use them to make some cool looking stepping stones without digging up holes in your pockets.

11. Pallet Garden

Slap some paint or use it raw, either way these pallets can be used to make mini flowering garden or useful herb garden. Plus, they look awesome!

12. Path that Leads the Way

If you have a huge garden at home, why not make an outdoor path using rocks, stepping stones, bricks or slabs of wood that leads the way…

13. Yarn Light Fixtures

Add some 3D inspired decors in your garden. With this DIY project; you will only need some glue, yarn or twine and disposable balloons.

14. Hand Planters

Amongst all creative garden ideas, this one truly rocks. Have it open handed or closed fist, whatever suits your style they will surely look absolutely amazing!

15. Shimmering Garden Globe

If you love sparkles, check out these shimmering garden globes. Use some all-purpose glue and sparkly deco stones to create these pretty outdoor decors.

16. Outdoor Scrabble

Have a huge lot outside? Why don’t you turn the classic board game scrabble into a fun outdoor décor! Additionally, you can play with when your friends come around.

17. Birdcage Planters

Even if you have a small outdoor space, adding some elegant decors like these birdcage planters will light up the space wonderfully. They are chic, classic and very charming.

Source: faithtap

With these creative garden ideas, never have a boring and lifeless looking outdoor space once again! You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks just to produce such decors, but only a creative mind. 🙂