18 Ad Placement Fails that Will Make you Laugh All Day Long!

Billboards, internet ads, newspaper advertisements, posters, flyers… they all have one thing in common, big, huge, bold letters. Why? So that we can clearly see the message even if we are miles away. All marketing gurus will agree that the bigger the ad is, the more likely it will succeed luring potential customers.

Ads are literally everywhere and even online, we can see those pop-ups coming out from time to time. Although irritating and most of the time annoying, ads can sometimes bring a bunch of laughter. While one mistake can ruin ads big time, these 18 ad placement fails tells a different story. Get ready to fell out of your chair laughing, just wait and see #14!


1. I didn’t know that she has big trucks!

2. Now I know why there’s a shortage of blood!

3. Correct placement + incorrect situation = FAIL!

4. Baby must be so drunk right now…

5. That is three in a row buddy, still a coincidence?

6. Great sexy legs you have there boys!

7. With that face… I am not sure if everybody will watch!

8. Airline Company’s ad gone so wrong! That dude must be so pissed!

9. This one is really epic!

10. Uh oh, Mr. Author something is not right in here…

11. Yes! Especially when it gets in your eyes!

12. Your dad is in the gentlemen’s club!

13. Ma’am, you seriously need some meds if that’s the consistency.

14. And this taxi door handle that everybody wants to grab!

15. Whoa! That is really GIANT!

16. Maybe mom loves veggie salad! Give her a break…

17. Now I am not buying one of those.

18. Perfect wheels, but perfect ads? I don’t think so!

Photos from: boredpanda

Coincidence or not, these funny ad placement mistakes really made my day. Although wrong, sometimes mistakes like this could lead to a huge marketing stint! What do you think of the above ad placement fails? Hit the comments section below.