18 Food Storage Tips You Need To Know Right Now!

Got a supermarket sale that offers $5 for a full bag of tomatoes? Are onions coming in season and you need to buy tons of them before the prices go up? Most of us buy foods in bulk quantities. This helps us save a huge amount of money and avoid frequent trips to the grocery store. However, how can you consume 5kls of tomatoes and full bags of onion in just 12 days? Hard isn’t it?

Well, most of the bulk foods we buy ends up in the trash. Who wants a rotting tomato or stale milk? Luckily, some genius mind came up with 18 food storage tips to help produce last longer. Brilliant food storing and saving tips coming right up!

1. Onions and the Pantyhose

If placed inside a pantyhose separately, onions can last up to eight months!

2. The Potatoes, Apples and Onions Grudge

Don’t put these three kitchen staples together or else they’ll spoil faster.

3. Moldy Berry No More

To prevent berries from being moldy, wash them with vinegar/water solution. 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water.

4. Honey Up to the End

Honey can literally last a lifetime! It might change color & consistency but they don’t go bad if stored in a tight jar.

5. Leftover Tomato Paste

To prevent the whole can of tomato paste from spoiling, freeze your left over in a Ziploc.

6. Preserve Fresh Herbs

Freeze fresh herbs in Olive Oil to prevent any freezer burn or herb browning.

7. The Banana Trick

Wrap each banana stem separately with a plastic wrapper to keep them fresh up to four days!

8. Tin Foil for Crisp Veggies

Wrap celery, broccoli and lettuce in aluminum foil to keep them crisp up to four weeks!

9. Veggies Blanch & Freeze

Make veggies last longer by blanching them with hot water. When cooled, place them in freezer bags.

10. The Lettuce Wrap

To prevent lettuce and other greens from wilting, wrap them in paper towels.

11. Tomatoes and your Ref

Don’t put tomatoes inside your ref or else they’ll spoil more quickly, room temperature is what they want. Also, keep the stems facing up!

12. Section Ground Beef

Thawing and re-freezing beef is not a good idea. Put them inside a Ziploc and portion beef individually before placing it inside your fridge.

13. Cottage Cheese Trick

Place your Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream upside down to keep them fresh longer. Turning it upside down creates a vacuum that prevents bacteria from growing.

14. Cheese & Parchment

Instead of wrapping cheese in plastic, use a parchment paper to keep flavors intact!

15. The Upside down Pineapple

Turn Pineapples upside down to make them last longer. This way, the sugars inside gets redistributed to the top instead of letting it sink on the bottom.

16. Lettuce in a Jar

Store lettuce in a glass jar to keep them fresh up to a month.

17. Grow Scallions

Put scallions in a jar with water and only trim the amount you need. Why? Because they will continue to grow!

18. Cake that Won’t Stale

Place sliced bread on the open ends of cake to keep it moist inside. They can last weeks in the fridge and up to a month in your freezer.

Source: faithtap

With these genius food storage tips, say goodbye to rotting greens and stale-tasting dry cakes! These tips will really help your friends and families save tons of money, share it with them!