18 Funny Test Answers That Are Actually Brilliant!

Answering test questions… ugh! Everybody hates it! I remember when I was a child, I would always pretend to be sick and really not feeling well just to skip examination days. Actually, even on college I still do it occasionally most especially on math subjects. I think each and every one of us will relate on this scenario, except for our nerdy classmates of course.

But these 18 funny test answers you’re about to discover will change the way you see test questions. Although they are 100% wrong, if you try to analyze it, their answers are amazingly genius! Especially that kid who wrote #5, she deserves a stunning recommendation from the principal! And kid #14 can be her classmate in the Harvard University!


1. In fairness, she did find the X!

2. This one makes sense to me…

3. What? He is right!

4. Brilliant answer kid!

5. This kid is sure to be IN-LOVE!

6. Bullying on the next level…

7. Correct… unless there’s a new singer in town?

8. I wonder what grade this boy is!

9. Nothing can be more genius than this boy, he is actually way more rational than the textbook!

10. Math is correct… you think English can make you subtract things?

11. Boom! I want to see the reaction of the professor!

12. Frankie… the freeloader!

13. He has a point…

14. This one made me fell out of my chair!

15. Omit CENTI on centimeters = meters! 🙂

16. Very lonely indeed…

17. Even chromosomes have a secret… duh!

18. Good job Peter! Now you need extra classes on Math!

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Isn’t these funny test answers totally hilarious! Although, parents of these kids should really talk to their kiddos, if not… I can see a very huge problem coming! Make your friends smile, share this post to them. 🙂