18 Healthy Popsicles That Will Make You Drool This Summer!

When the sun is out, what could be more exciting than eating a sweet frozen dessert such as ice creams and snow cones? These treats and the scorching heat of the sun are match made in heaven. Male or female, young and old, Asian or American, everybody love cold desserts! Sorbet, gelato, icebox pies and the most popular amongst them all, popsicles… oh boy they are indeed divine!

Although, these heavenly treats are loaded with humongous amounts of sugar. Dieters and adults with limited sugar intake will only find them such a lethal sweet torture to enjoy. Fortunately, saying no to frozen desserts is over! With these 18 healthy popsicles, you can eat as much as you want without worrying about calories and sugar. Isn’t this a huge summer relief? Get those juicers ready, here we go!


1. Pineapple and kiwi pops.

2. How about these flower-filled goodness?

3. Coconut and figs combination.

4. It might look boring but these ginger-lime-honey pops are indeed refreshing!

5. A vegan chocolate-covered strawberry ice pop? YES!

6. Don’t want fruit? Try this spinach Popsicle!

7. Or this lemonade cucumber concoction…

8. Lovely beets soup turned into frozen dessert.

9. If you want a unique yet healthy ice pops, try this sweet & salty celery mixture and use honey as sweetener.

10. Green smoothie detox ice pops!

11. Apricot and yogurt for a creamy summer snack!

12. These loquat and strawberry pops are naturally sweet.

13. Too many fresh berries around? Make a Popsicle!

14. For a tropical feel, try these ripe mango ice popsicles!

15. Caramelize some rhubarb, add yogurt… then enjoy this.

16. Bananas, spinach and flax seeds ice pop combination!

17. How about a spicy watermelon cold dessert?

18. Or these tempting blueberry and orange refreshments!

Photos from: buzzfeed

Did you see that #14, oh I want tons of that thing! These no guilt popsicles are certainly tempting to the eyes and blissful to taste. And as an added bonus, it will not make you fatter but otherwise healthier! Actually it is advised to eat more than 3 of these treats! How about that for the upcoming summer! Yay! What’s your favorite fruit or veggie ice pop combination?