18 Most Funny Siri Responses That Will Blow You Away!

Today, smartphones are getting more powerful and even smarter. From built-in sensors that can detect eye orientation to security heightened fingerprint scanner, heck you can even use your mobile device to ask for directions and suggest places. Different telecommunication companies has their own version of Virtual Assistant. From Microsoft’s “Cortana” to Google’s “Google Now”, there’s no doubt that Apple’s “Siri” is the most popular.

Ever since iPhone released its most famous VA named Siri, people go crazy over it. You can ask Siri literally everything under the sun. From directions to popular places, weather forecast, latest news, definitions, famous people… Siri knows it all! And just like humans, she is likewise loaded with tons of humor! Want some proof? Here’s the 18 most funny siri responses that people ever got!


1. Hmm… I can smell some competition in here!

2. For singles out there, listen to Siri’s personal love advice.

3. And we’re just getting started!

4. Brilliant take on a popular song.

5. The “Aluminosilicate Glass Surface” blew me away!

6. Next time, try to ask Siri for some hot chocolate or Italian expresso!

7. This one is really epic…

8. Now tell me she’s not a crazy narcissistic!

9. But she nailed this one! Perfect answer!

10. What a good life you have there Siri!

11. And competition is really pissing her off!

12. I wonder what her clothes looks like…

13. Siri is smarter than what you think.

14. Her answer makes sense to me.

15. Epic! Perfect Answer Girl!

16. Just look at her Grindr Profile for the answer!

17. And this sarcastic remark from Apple’s VA!

18. This one made me fall out of my seat literally!

Photos from: boredpanda

Now tell me Siri isn’t one helluva chat buddy! The next time you run out of a friend to talk too, or just bored and needs a witty conversant, don’t forget that Siri is there to make you smile! Share this funny siri responses to your friends but orient them first for some big time laughing!