18 Of The Most Amazing Sculptures Ever Created In History!

Monuments, shrines and sculptures; although different in terms they have one thing in common, they are all regarded as true “works of art”. Most of the time, they represent a huge historical significance. Whether good or bad, the place, the people and the artwork itself tells a unique and interesting story.

From Asia to America, these 18 amazing sculptures you’re about to see are simply fantabulous. They are not your ordinary landmarks or commemorative statues often seen on historical places. In fact when you see one of these astounding artworks, your jaw will literally dropped to amusement! When you’re ready, scroll below to see these shocking, epic, unbelievable and exquisite sculptures found all over the world!


1. A Day Out in Adelaide, Australia

2. Man At Work in Bratislava, Slovakia

3. Man Hanging Out Sculpture in Prague, Czech Republic

4. The Unknown Official in Reykjavik, Iceland

5. The Black Ghost in Klaipeda, Lithuania

6. Les Voyageurs in Marseilles, France

7. Nelson Mandela Artwork in South Africa

8. De Vaartkapoen in Brussels, Belgium

9. The Kelpies in Grangemouth, United Kingdom

10. Salmon Sculpture in Portland Oregon, USA

11. The Sinking Building in Melbourne, Australia

12. People Of The River in Singapore

13. Break Though From Your Mold in Pennsylvania, USA

14. Hippo Art Work in Taipei, Taiwan

15. The Expansion in New York, USA

16. The Monument Of An Anonymous Passerby in Wroclaw, Poland

17. Mustangs in Las Colinas Texas, USA

18. Mihai Eminescu in Onesti, Romania

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Wow! These amazing sculptures literally made me speechless! I can’t even pick a favorite because all of them are without a doubt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The next time you visit these places, don’t forget to strike a pose with these breathtaking artworks! Missing them is like forgetting to take a pic with Tom Cruise on the subway! More than that actually! Share this marvelous post to your friends.