18 Totally Cute Pics Of Adorable Puppies Sleeping Anywhere

Dogs are wonderful but puppies are without a doubt adorable. No matter what the breed is, they are the cutest thing ever in this world. Those wandering eyes, round-ish body, wiggling tail, cheerful feet, miniscule tongue, curios ears… how can you not love them!

Just like babies, puppies will literally eat and sleep whole day long. They don’t need much activity and they will rather choose to rest their eyes than stalk on what you’re doing 24/7. Have you ever seen a sweet little pup sleeping like an angel? Bet you do but these 18 adorable puppies sleeping just about everywhere will certainly bring a smile in your heart! Hilarious pups, here they are!


1. I’m OK… so don’t dare disturb me!

2. Told you… I so hate shopping!

3. Reaching this toy made me nonetheless sleepy…

4. Aww… peace brothers I need a nap.

5. Can we do that later? I’m still sleepy!

6. We’ll resume walking after my snooze, OK?

7. These sleeping corgis are super cute!

8. Why? This smells nice thou…

9. He fall asleep while staring on that magnificent view.

10. Doctor recommends this sleeping position so I must follow.

11. Bed and breakfast… literally!

12. Comfy couch huh?!

13. He doesn’t mind sleeping on two different tables.

14. Rick, the smell of your boots made me this!

15. After eating two full cups, siesta time!

16. Sorry, this mundane job makes me sleepy…

17. Strange, but he looks comfy on that position!

18. And this voluptuous, endearing, sweet and very cuddly puppy.

Photos from: viralsocially

Seeing these super adorable puppies sleeping everywhere put a huge smile on my face. I’ll never get tired staring on that pup sleeping on top of the desk! This made my day so share it with your friends and start spreading positive vibes now!